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National Trust boost Gift-Aid with Tengo tills

Bodnant Garden, National Trust

Tengo Software first installed tengoPOS at National Trust property Bodnant Garden in February 2009. The visitor attraction quickly saw benefits, clocking an increase of 34% on completed Gift Aid declarations. Following successful installation at Bodnant, a host of other National Trust properties also had the software and hardware installed, bringing not just a massive boost in Gift Aid revenue, but also significant cost-savings from reduced admin and paperwork.

Here are a selection of comments from people within the National Trust that were involved in the project:

“Since having our new tills in place, with postcode look-up facility, we have found that our Gift Aid data capture has increased by an additional 34% as this information is now taken at the time of the transaction – rather than requesting the visitor to manually complete a card and leave it with us before they left (which, of course, many did not thus resulting in lost potential additional revenue). Tengo Software were a dream to work with on this project, they provided valuable advice and support at the preliminary stages, and fully incorporated our needs within the software program. Additionally they sourced the best possible hardware (tills, printer, scanners etc.) to meet our requirements whilst keeping within our budget, and had endless patience when responding to the many changes we made along the way! The support they have provided to us post-installation has been excellent – there is always someone at the end of the telephone to answer queries or deal with any problems which, very infrequently, arise.”

Ann Smith, Visitor Services Manager, Bodnant Garden

“The introduction of the Gift Aid software has dramatically increased the revenue that we are able to process. At a busy property like ours, time is of the essence and not only has the Tengo solution speeded up the process of collecting visitor information, it has also drastically improved the accuracy of the information collected. This means that nearly 100% of visitors electing to Gift Aid can be processed successfully – despite a projected drop in Gift Aid revenue due to the recession, we have exceeded our yearly financial targets in less than 5 months of using the software. In addition, the tengoPOS tills are incredibly user friendly and the support we have received has been phenomenal – we couldn’t be happier with the solution that Tengo has provided.”

Sarah Merriman, Visitor Services Manager, Lanhydrock House

“The new software has made a big impact – compared to the same period last year, we’ve seen the percentage of usable Gift Aid declarations increase from 8% to 75% – to put it another way, the tills (hardware & software) will have paid for themselves in just 4 months!”

Lucy Byrne, Visitor Services Coordinator, Chirk Castle

“Regarding the till software, we have all been pleasantly surprised how easy it has been to use, we do not have the easiest of set ups but everything has worked well and your support has helped with the transition (from a manual entry system to Electronic Point Of Sale).”

Martin Jeffries, Property Manager, Penrhyn Castle