How much do your products and services cost?
You can find full details of all of our pricing here, and/or contact us for a written quotation.

Do you provide the hardware as well as the software?
Yes we provide a full range of EPoS hardware, donation stations, and computers for running all aspects of a charity retail, charitable visitor attraction, and fundraising activities.

Is support included?
All clients have free access 24/7 to our support portal where you can troubleshoot issues, and access easy to follow documentation covering everything you would wish to know about our software and hardware. You can also contact our support team if you need anything further.

How many clients use your software?
As at 14/4/2023, there are 4,451 charity users of the system processing many millions of pounds in donated funds annually.

Can I have a demo without obligation?
Yes, contact us today and we will book in a demo with you free of charge and without obligation.

What’s the lead-time once I sign up?
Typically on-boarding of new clients can be completed within 2-3 weeks, including shipping of and installation of any hardware required.

Where will our data be stored?
Always in the UK, on secure servers, in a data centre provided by Heart Internet.

Is your system approved by HMRC for Gift Aid?
Yes, our system was developed in cooperation with HMRC and is integrated directly with their servers for Gift Aid, meaning there is ZERO paperwork required for managing all aspects of Gift Aid, including making electronic Gift Aid claims. You will find us on their website under the section ‘Software suppliers for filing charities repayments online‘.

Why are you not a member of the Charity Retail association?
They are a commercial organisation and don’t provide accreditation for systems and services. We openly welcome their members as customers, but we don’t pay the subscription fee to be listed with them as we prefer to pass as many cost savings as possible on to our charity clients to keep our prices low.