Gift Aid Cleanse Service

Depending on the source of your Gift Aid sign-ups, there can be a number of factors that can stop you claiming for a Gift Aided transaction with HMRC. The most common of these is incorrect details captured, especially issues with the postcode.

Tengo Software’s systems make it easy for you to edit any errors, and the postcode lookup feature built in to our system makes it easy for operators to validate the details when signing someone up.

Gift Aid Cleanse Service

However, you may not always have the time to work through any errors to resolve them – which is where out Gift Aid Cleanse service comes in. Our experts can work through your data, correcting any errors, and ensuring that you are claiming for everything that you are eligible to claim for.

Our fee for this is just 15% of the Gift Aid element of what is submitted, once our work is complete. So for example, if we found £400 of donations that we can fix for you to claim, the Gift Aid amount would be £100, so we would charge you £12, once the work is completed.

If you’re intertested in this service, you can speak to your account manager, or contact us today!