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How Age UK use tengo software to generate extra revenue

Tengo Software till in use at Age UK Hipperholme
Tengo Software till in use at Age UK Hipperholme

Age UK first installed tengoPOS and tengoCloud charity Gift Aid EPoS and Back Office systems from Tengo Software in 2006. Since then sites all over the country have benefitted from the system that allows the organisation to claim Gift Aid on the sale of items that are donated to them.

The system is really simple to use, the donor simply gives their name and post code, and the items are tagged or labelled with a unique scan-able reference. When the item is sold, Age UK are able to claim Gift Aid on the donation with the original donor’s details. The system is integrated with HMRC so that Gift Aid claims can be made simply and quickly on line.

At the time of writing, another new Age UK site has just gone live in Hipperholme, Yorkshire, and many more sites are going live before the end of the year. Linda Page, District Retail Manager, recently gave us the following comments on how the system has worked for Age UK and helped them to provide their vital services to the community they serve:

“So far this year our Gift Aid revenue has been huge, which is great for our Charity, it’s like having free money!

Our shops rely on volunteers so it’s important that the tills are easy to operate as individuals have different levels of skills and capabilities. Our volunteers range from 16 years old to 87 and everyone is able to use the touch screens easily. Setting up the system is relatively straight forward, the layout of the screen is straight forward and the text is in a good easily readable font.

Signing up a person to the Gift Aid scheme is quick and easy with just a few key pieces of information. We are also able to pull off statistical information regarding sales from the shops and by products which is used for comparison against the previous year, week or other shops.

Introducing the Tengo Software system has taken Age UK into the 21st Century technology wise and helped to develop skills and knowledge for a number of people.

The support given by the team is invaluable and happens quickly and efficiently by remote log on allowing the technical support person to see exactly what is happening in any location.

Thanks to the introduction of this system our Charity is able to support a number of new projects for older people.”

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