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Tengo’s response to the Coronavirus outbreak

Many of our customers have contacted us with questions relating to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, so we are summarising our position here along with what we are offering to help our clients out during this concerning time.

Fortunately, the team at Tengo Software and our infrastructure is already designed in such a way that remote working is commonplace – as a precaution, all of our team are currently being instructed to work from home. All services are running as normal and will continue to do so even if the government impose further restrictions. Any on-site meetings scheduled in will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis, but installation, training, and any meetings can be effectively conducted remotely.

In order to help our clients take any measures they see fit or are required to do by the government, we are offering free additional ‘remote working’ licences for the next 30 days, at which point we will review the situation.

This includes our cloud based software and remote support systems – meaning staff will be able to use our software remotely, and as appropriate access their Tengo machines remotely as we do when we provide support.

If you are an existing client and want to register any additional licences, please contact us today.

Any further updates regarding Coronavirus and our response will be posted on this page, and there’s a short-link for you to save to easily come back here:


UPDATE 25/03/2020

Further to Government announcing increased restrictions, we are still operating as normal. Some of our suppliers are struggling, but at the moment we are still able to supply parts and machines from stock. On-site meetings are now cancelled until further notice, in line with the Government advice.

Customer have found our offer of free remote access software very useful, to aid further we are allowing the use of this for all machines, not just those with our software installed – meaning that anyone who doesn’t have a work laptop that they can use at home, can connect to their work computer with any internet enabled device, be it a home laptop or computer, tablet, or even just a mobile phone. Contact us if you’d like us to get you set up.

Lastly, many clients are putting signs in their window at closed premises to thank their customers and ask for their continued support during the crisis, with a short link and/or QR code to their TripGiving page. This is a great idea, again for those of you who need help with this, please get in touch.

Thanks again, and stay safe!

UPDATE 31/03/2020

Due to high demand for temporary licences, we now have an online form customers can fill in to request temporary licences – you will find the form here.