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How to claim Gift Aid in Charity Shops on Donated Goods

If you’re new to the Charity Retail world, and you want to know how you claim gift aid in charity shops, here’s a short guide to the process of claiming Gift Aid on donated goods.

how to claim gift aid in charity shops

One key thing to note about claiming gift aid on donated goods, it’s the person who donates the goods to the charity against which a Gift Aid claim is made. To claim Gift Aid in charity shops on donated goods, you need to track each item that is donated with a unique reference, and record this when it’s sold – then collating the information in to a submission to HMRC to claim the Gift Aid revenue.

This might sound pretty complicated, however our tengoPOS Gift Aid EPoS software makes it all really simple. The Royal Mail postcode database is built in, so you just need to ask for house name or number, postcode, and the donor’s name – they don’t even have to sign any paperwork, as a receipt is produced with the HMRC compliant Gift Aid declaration printed on it (this can also be emailed to them).

A label is produced that’s unique to the donor, and stuck on each product – it takes very little time, and then you get an extra 25% in Gift Aid from HMRC on each of the items sold!

If you’d like a demonstration of the software without obligation, please contact us today!

If you’re new to charity retail and looking in to setting up Charity Shops for the first time, or need help with existing stores, we also offer a charity consultancy service.