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Tengo design quality branding and website for GEMS Charity

A couple of months ago, GEMS Charity approached Tengo to not only design a new website for them, but to completely overhaul their brand and online presence. In double-quick time, Tengo re-branded, produced new logos for all on-line and print media, and produced a brand-new website, including content re-written by Tengo Consultancy.

GEMS are well known for their distinctive Lavender logo, so they wanted to keep this as part of the design – but as you can see, the old logo looked somewhat dated.

Old GEMS logo
GEMS logo before Tengo re-branding

Tengo completely refreshed the brand, whilst still keeping it recognisable so that people who know GEMS will still associate the new design with them.

GEMS new logo after re-brand by Tengo Software

The old website too was dated, and whilst those running the charity are amazing at doing their jobs, they struggled to communicate their all-important message through the website and its content, and didn’t have the technical knowledge to improve the website themselves.

GEMS Charity old website

Tengo not only redesigned the site in keeping with the new brand, they also expanded it, working with Andy and Sally to produce all-new content, and also including the ability for donations to be made online.

GEMS Charity new website, designed by Tengo Software

The website can be seen at – as well as doing all the work, Tengo are also providing low cost unlimited web hosting for the site. Andy and Sally, founders of GEMS Charity, had the following to say about the new website and the process:

“Tengo made the whole process really simple for us – to be honest we weren’t precisely sure what we wanted, and their knowledge of Charities really helped us there. We couldn’t be happier with the logo design, the website, the wording – we really can’t thank them enough!”

Andy & Sally Anderson, founders of GEMS Charity