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Give the Gift of Gift Aid

Gift of Gift Aid

Do you love your local charity shop? Why not give them the gift of being able to claim, or claim more Gift Aid on donated goods. Tengo Software are offering a limited time offer of 3 months FREE use of our industry leading Charity Shop Software!

What benefit will this give to my favourite Charity Shop? Well, essentially it means they’ll make more money by doing exactly what they already do – selling on goods generously donated by members of the public. The Government gives charities an extra 25% on top of those sales proceeds under the Gift Aid scheme, but many Charity Shops are still not taking full advantage of this and some are not claiming this extra money at all – this is where Tengo Software can help!

To give this gift to your chosen charity, simply contact us by direct message on any of our social media platforms (listed below), and we’ll send you a code which you can give to the charity. If they get in touch with us by the 12th of March 2020, we’ll give them 3 months absolutely free, which will enable them to earn Gift Aid revenue through our easy to use charity shop software for donated goods.

TwitterFacebookLinkedInInstagram – On all platforms, the hash tag for the Gift of Gift Aid campaign is #giftofgiftaid and the short-link to this article is

If you are a charity who’ve been gifted an offer code, please contact us quoting the code, and we’ll get in touch with you ASAP to set everything up!

To find out more about our charity shop software, click here, and to see examples of how we’ve helped other charities and organisations such as Age UK & FatFace, see our testimonials page. Thanks!