Cloud based EPoS software

cloud based epos software
our alternative to cloud based epos software

Our EPoS Software tengoPOS offer all the benefits of other cloud based POS, cloud based EPoS Software packages without any of the drawbacks.

The software runs using a local database on your Windows/Android/iOS device, meaning it works perfectly fine if your internet goes down. All data is synched to the cloud in real time whilst your connection is active, meaning you have all the data you need instantly through our web based cloud reporting.

But if your connection goes down, our software just keeps going, and posts the data automaticlly when connection is re-established. Some competing cloud based EPoS software systems will not work when the internet is not available, and those that do often require a manual intervention to get your data sorted after a connection drop.

So get all the benefits of Cloud based EPoS Point of Sale with us, completely risk free!

Cloud based EPoS Software alternative from leading EPoS Software UK provider Tengo Software. The best EPoS software UK since 2004!

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