cloud back office

cloud-back-officeTengo Software offer a full range of backoffice functionality through our cloud back office system tengoCloud. Areas covered include stock management, accounts, CRM, service management, POP, SOP, and much more. TengoCloud fully integrates with tengoPOS and with any website that we produce, and there are different versions as outlined below.

tengoCloud Standard

Designed for small businesses, typically small retail outlets, hospitality venues, visitor attractions that are independent and single-site. Feature list as follows:

  • Basic Accounts (Sales Order Processing, Invoicing, Customer Account Maintenance, VAT100, P&L, Balance Sheet, Bank Reconciliation)
  • Basic Stock Control (Single Stock Location, Stock Taking, GoodsIn)
  • Purchase Order Processing (Supplier Maintenance, Purchase Orders, Retrospective order creation from AdHoc actions, Supplier Invoice Matching)
  • Basic Reporting (A set of standard management reports with basic levels of customisation)

tengoCloud Advanced

As per tengoCloud Standard, with the addition of;

  • CRM (Full Client Relationship Manager that’s fully integrated into all areas, marketing tasks, notes, reminders, call logging, task assigning)
  • Advanced Stock (Multiple stock locations, stock bins, auto-reorder based on levels and other criteria, stock location specific stock-take)
  • Basic Job Management (Database of internal team members, creation of jobs, allocation of parts and labour to jobs, timesheets)
  • Advanced reporting (highly customizable management reports
  • Full ‘Sage like’ accounts with nominal structures etc.
  • Hire module

tengoCloud Complete

As per tengoCloud Advanced, with the addition of;

  • Multi-company (Manage multiple companies and subsidiaries of companies within one system)
  • Bespoke reporting (All the standard reports plus a reporting tool allowing you to design/create bespoke reports from scratch or using another report as a template, and save these for later re-use)
  • Full project/job management (Advanced management of projects/jobs, gant charting, scheduling)
  • Service Contract management (creation of bespoke service/maintenance SLA’s for clients)


As per tengoCloud Complete, with the addition of;

  • Bill Of Materials (Assemblies, plans, tech drawings)
  • Supply Chain Management (Manage all materials/resources from nuts and bolts through to finished products and assemblies)
  • Enterprise Level Reporting (finished goods, components, where used etc etc)

tengoCloud Charity

As per tengoCloud Standard, with the addition of;

  • Gift-Aid Module (Gift-Aid submission, Donor maintenance, Gift-Aid specific reporting)
  • Membership Module (Define membership schemes, Manage/renew/amend members)
  • Mailer (Basic CRM functions of maintaining stakeholder database, creating address list/email list for marketing purposes)
  • Ticketing (Creation of events and time-slots)

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